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The online Myspace profile of JJ—a disappeared / deceased 16 year old Israeli punk rock rebel—is patched together as chronicle, by her best friend B, only to unravel at the seams. Spunk is a voyeuristic peak at the Israeli alternative scene of the early 2K's and the problematic virtual split-identity of its escapist youth.
A virtual story of disillusionment, told before the age of Facebook-timeline, when our lives didn’t just narrate themselves.

graphic novel, 120 pages, color 
Published in Germany, in German, 2010, by Archiv der Jugendkulturen e.V. both as eBook and print, including soundtrack CD “The Scene Ain’t What It Used To Be” > ORDER HERE 

ISBN 978-3-940213-55-6
SUBZ — biographies from an Israeli suburb
“Growing up in the suburbs of Israel, we had the whole deal: house parties, bong hits and picnics. The sons and daughters of the military bourgeoisie. While everyone was busy picking up body parts ofF the bus wreckage in the middle of the burning street, we’d just sit back, trip on Acid and watch the flames rise high from our private little corner inside the hell-mouth. Who could blame us? We just wanted out.”

graphic novel, 135 pages, color 
Published in Germany, in German, 2011, by Archiv der Jugendkulturen e.V. both as eBook and print > ORDER HERE

ISBN 978-3-940213-65-5

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​​In Defence of the Academic Troll
a word on the new heroes of “Infotainment”
essay, ca 2700 words + images, English
*based on a Masters project by the same title, submited in German 
(IfKiK, UdK Berlin, 2016)

first publication: Bulletin #7, Droste Effect Art Magazine, London/Milan/NY, Jan 2017 > READ ESSAY ONLINE HERE

second publication: IsThisIt Magazine no.1, in print, UK, April 2017 > BUY HERE

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S O L I D 
Solid is a graphic adaptation of a short story by John Shirley, commisioned exclusively for the comics horror anthology, OUTSIDE. 

From book's the website:

"Speculative fiction Icon John Shirley and acclaimed comic artist Gabriel S Moses explore the depth of guilt in a tale of patricide and grave robbing."

Story length 13 pages of 148 pages, offset printed on 115 gsm Munken White paper. Perfect bound with wrap around gate-fold cover 
Published by Topics Press, in English, 2017, Berlin > ORDER BOOK HERE

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A short commentary, commisioned as part of the Facts & Fiction event programme at Lenbachhaus, Munich, May-Sept 2015  > READ HERE